Newsletter 6                                                                 11 February 2021



“What if that One thing you're afraid of is the One thing you need, to get Your Big Breakthrough and Go to The Next Level?” - Jeanette Coron
“Next level”: our theme for 2021, together with our slogan: “Excellence taken to the next level.

” Every morning I am greeted by the happy sight of all our learners at school and this remains wonderful. This is great for the emotional well-being of our learners and also enhances our learners’ Academics. I would therefore like to appeal to you to send your children to school if they are healthy and do not have a good reason to stay home. Please do not use this as an opportunity to plan a long weekend away as it’s important to us that our learners get back into routine. If, however, your child needs to stay home with a valid reason, please contact the teachers concerned to make the necessary arrangements.

Congratulations to our Monitors who were appointed on Monday morning. It was a privilege to hand out their badges under these strange circumstances. I am very proud of the eagerness with which they are performing their duties and manning their areas of duty. We wish our Monitors a blessed and prosperous Grade 7 year.



Congratulations to the following learners who were the top achievers each grade in 2020.
Grade 4 – Daniella Caetano
Grade 5 – Milka Nieuwenhuis
Grade 6 – Emma Steyn
Grade 7 – Renate Maré



Congratulations to the following learners who were elected as Media Monitors:

Daniël Reinecke 7A2 (Head Monitor)
Annette Lombard 6A1
Clara Bothma 6A3
Ziani Schoeman 6A2
Lara Kamfer 6A3
Ndalo Sitishi 6E2
Oarabile Maphoto 6E3
Farai Pandelani 6E2
Ethan Hendrikse 6E2
Keagan Lessing 5A1
Liesje Ingram 5A2
Lize Venter 5A3.



We kindly request that parents ensure that learners pack everything they need for the day so that it will not be necessary for learners to call parents for any forgotten necessities, such as food, sports bags, projects, etc. The mass of traffic and delivery of items impedes the following of COVID-19 protocols.  Please help us to keep your child safe.



Although the Department of Basic Education has announced an amended calendar for 2021, the published Midstream College calendar remains largely unchanged. The April and September holidays remain as published. The second term ends a week later, and as a result, the third term will start a week later. This is to accommodate the possible extra-mural programme and fixtures. 



Calling all Grade 1 – 3 girls and boys, who love to sing, to join the Junior Choir. No auditions are needed. Junior Choir practice will take place on a Wednesday from 13:45-14:45. To join, please complete the Google Form. Children who were part of the choir last year and wish to be part again this year, must please complete the form as well.

Google Form


It gives us great pleasure to inform you that we have permission for our Senior Choir to start practising again. COVID-19 protocols will be adhered to at all times and parents are assured that no child will be put at risk. Please take note of the following:
• Auditions will take place in Mrs Badenhorst’s classroom on Wednesday 17 February from 14:00 – 16:00 by 
  Mr Herman Steyn, our choir coach.
• Grade 4 – 7 children who wish to join the Senior Choir must write their names on the audition lists.
• The lists will be on Mrs Badenhorst’s and Mrs Deim’s classroom doors.
• Children must choose a time slot for their audition and they may not arrive at any other time.
• Children attending auditions do not need to learn or practise any specific song.
• Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing will be maintained.
• These auditions are only for children who were not previously in the senior choir. Existing choir members 
   simply need to write their names on the list on Mrs Badenhorst’s or Mrs Deim’s doors by Friday 19 
   February  if they wish to be in the 2021 Senior Choir.
• Choir practices take place in the school hall on Wednesday from 16:30 – 18:30. Choir members will be given a time slot within those two hours when they must attend choir practice.

We encourage children to sign up for auditions and we eagerly look forward to making beautiful music once again. Should parents have any queries regarding the Senior Choir, they are welcome to contact Mrs Deim or Mrs Badenhorst at or



The Cross Country practices will commence earlier this year. There will be two practice sessions per week, per grade. Everyone is welcome to join these practices. We meet at the athletics pavilion. Remember to bring your running shoes and water bottles.

Grade 1 to 4: Mondays and Wednesdays, 14:00 to 15:00
Grade 5 to 7: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 14:00 to 15:00

Email Mr Dirk Smith at or Mr Gerhard Sauer at for any queries.



Gates (Gate 2 and 3 – at the primary school parking area) open at 07:00. Hands will be sanitised at the gate and temperatures will be measured per grade. The two gates will close again at 07:45, reopen at 13:15, and close at 14:30.

Gate 12 will be open from 07:15 ‒ 07:45 and again from 13:15 – 18:00.
Balmoral Gate will be open from 13:00 to 14:30 for learners.
For extramural activities, learners can use Gates 1, 4 and 12.



 Please click on the link below for the extracurricular schedule for the next two weeks.



This year we would like to continue building on the new Valentine’s tradition started at our school last year.

As a primary school, we believe that Valentine’s Day is a day to be celebrated at our learners’ age level. Our children are not yet emotionally ready to understand and experience Valentine's Day for what it really is. We want to protect our children from unnecessary hurt and the feeling of rejection. We would much rather teach them about real caring, for example, caring for people who need support, acceptance and help.

This also creates a feeling of joy and fulfillment to cherish, help and support others. So, this year we are again going to do something special on Valentine’s Day that is focused on the idea that love for our fellow man is not only a command from God, but also wonderful and fun!

Please do not waste your money on bears, plastic roses, chocolates and other gifts! Rather save that money for when your child is in high school. This year we are putting the colours pink and red away again on Valentine’s Day! We are going to support the CHOC Foundation’s Flip Flop Day with blue bows in our hair and comfortable flip flops on our feet!

Children and teenagers who are fighting cancer are the bravest of the brave. They are facing the most frightening journey of their lives… But these young warriors are not alone in their war against cancer because they are experiencing love. They are so loved that CHOC builds an army to walk with them and fight all the way with them.

We are going to be part of this support group and show our love on Valentine’s Day to children fighting cancer. The CHOC Flip Flop Day stickers, which will free your 10 toes from school shoes on 12 February, will be sold at R10 at the tuckshop. The tuckshop will also be selling their delicious flip flop cookies at R16 each.
Come and buy a sticker before Valentine’s Day Flip Flop Day and enjoy 12 February in a comfortable way that gives everyone the chance to make a difference in a wonderful and fun way!



For your convenience, Tuck In has an online webshop where you can order lunchboxes, salads, sandwiches,  cooked lunches and combos.
Visit Tuck In online webshop and order today!

Online shop
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