Newsletter 17                                                                       13 May 2021



On Ascension Day, may the Lord’s blessings always shine upon you. A day when we are reminded to serve as He served and to love as He loves us every day. May you experience the omnipresent love of God and realise that you are precious to Him.



With the challenges still presented by Covid-19, we have decided that learners may wear their tracksuits during the winter months.



There is a slow increase in the number of new Covid-19 infections countrywide and in addition, the Midstream area also has more positive cases. One way to keep this in check is to adhere strictly to the Covid-19 protocols by means of social distancing, wearing masks and regular sanitising. All learners must wear a face mask, that covers the nose and mouth, every day. Please bring along an extra clean face mask in a small bag to school every day, in case it is needed.

Once again, we would like to make a friendly request that, should your child experience any cold or flu symptoms, they must please stay at home until they are completely healthy.

In the event that you, as a parent, have had contact with somebody who has tested positive for COVID-19 and you must, as a result, go for a COVID-19 test, please keep your child/ren at home until the results are known. If a family member tests positive, we request parents to isolate the rest of the school-going family as prescribed. We also request that you notify the school immediately about any cases.



Ryan Strauss qualified to represent Gauteng North Golf Union on 23 May at a tournament to be played at the Kyalami Country Club. All the best to you, Ryan.



Our U11 boys and girls’ teams participated in the countrywide Inter Africa Truida Kestell Primary School Tennis Tournament from 4 to 8 May.

The girls’ team finished 3rd out of 15 teams and also won the trophy for the best spirit.
The boys’ team finished 7th out of 17 teams.

Our U13 boys and girls’ teams competed in the Gauteng-North qualifiers of the nationwide BNP Paribas Rising Star Schools Tournament from 8 to 9 May.

The 1st boys’ team finished 1st and advanced to the provincial round to be played on 5 and 6 June.
The 1st girls’ team finished 2nd and advanced to the provincial round which will take place on
5 and 6 June.
The 2nd boys’ team finished 7th out of 32 teams – an excellent achievement!

Congratulations to all these enthusiastic and talented tennis players!



We are super excited about this term’s outreach project! Together with the high school, we will be participating in the International Clothes to Good Drive. An astonishing 85% of textiles end up in landfills each year and 500 000 tons of microfibres are released into the ocean when we wash our clothes. It is time for us to recycle! This project will afford you the PERFECT opportunity to make sure your clothes are reused.

1. Each child received a green plastic garbage bag.
2. Fill the bag with old, clean clothes, shoes or any textiles.
3. Return the bag to school.

The clothes will be sorted and reused in many ways. Clothing still suitable for wearing, will be used to provide work opportunities for 108 microbusinesses. Clothing that is not suitable any longer, will be used to create new things. E.g. bags, dolls and educational toys. Nothing will be thrown away; every bit will be used again.

Clothes to Good will donate spekboom plants to our school, as a thank you and therefore the project will be known as a Clothes to Trees Project.

Please watch the video or visit the website for more information.

The children will received their green bags. Let’s take some time this weekend to sort out those cupboards and get those old clothes ready to be sent out on new adventures on Monday!

Video Website


Congratulations to our Midstream Equestrian team which competed in Qualifier 2, on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 May at Kyalami Equestrian Park in the rain and sun. We are very proud of all our riders.



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