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“When enthusiasm develops in depth, it introduces into the personality a verve, an excitement, an ‘ongoingness’, that raises slow shimmering to a boil, and brings about a quality that makes a difference.” Norman Vincent Peale

The first term of 2022 has certainly been peppered with enthusiasm from our children, enthusiasm from our parents and enthusiasm from our teachers. We have experienced great excitement with all the wonderful achievements our children have notched up during this term. We celebrate the Midstream College Primary School learners for making a difference!

In a nutshell – our learners have shown their mettle in the classroom, in the extra mural arenas, as well as in their involvement with one another. A record number of eight athletes are representing Gauteng during the holidays! We wish these young ladies and gentlemen well. Simultaneously, we would like to congratulate every athlete this term who has participated on the athletics fields – we are so proud of you all! Our swimmers certainly made a clean sweep in both the A- and C-league galas – definitely showing us that they have the quality needed to make a difference. Our rugby and netball activities have started with a bang from our Bulletjie rugby and mini netball to our open teams all playing with determination, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Our netball girls have already had a training camp and have taken on their first rivals this term in preparation for their league, which kicks off in the new term. Our squash players are on the courts refining their skills; our golfers and equestrian riders have also been making their mark. Our tennis players have completed a term of matches against other schools, bringing home noteworthy results thus far. We look forward to a wonderful second term.

On the cultural front, our choir, revue, percussion band, Isicathulo, Grace Ensemble as well as our English and Afrikaans public speaking groups are in full swing. The ATKV speakers have demonstrated their skills in their first competition-based arena. We have been wowed by the incredible enthusiasm of our learners and would like to encourage them to keep up this winning attitude.

Our children will take home reports at the end of this term, sharing their hard work and tenacity in the classroom. Schooling is a very social activity and a place where we are able to develop talents in many different areas … our Midstream community has definitely come to this party. I look forward to seeing the heights that I know we can achieve, next term. May every family have a well-deserved holiday and come back to school refreshed and ready to take on the excitement and enthusiasm of experiencing a full life in Term 2.



Click on the link below for important dates.

Important Dates


Click on the link below for  sport results

Sport Results


Our Go-Kart Day will be held tomorrow, 18 March. during school hours.
School will close at 12:00.
Learners must please wear their PE clothes, remember hats and to apply sunscreen.



It is with great sadness that we share the news that Mrs Bailey and Ms Franel Coetzee will be leaving Midstream College at the end of this term. We are very grateful for the wonderful contribution that they have made to Midstream College during their time at our school. We wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.



Congratulations to the following athletes who will be competing at the South African Championships in Potchefstroom from 24 – 26 March.

Linmari Kirkpatrick
Banie Claasen
Marcel van der Leek
Janelle Kirkpatrick
Rikus Holtzhausen
Evan van der Merwe
Emil Els
Rupert Groenewald



There will be no school tennis practice on Friday, 18 March. Enjoy the holiday!


Reports will be available on Friday, 18 March at 12:00 on the Parent Portal.



The Equestrian team will compete during the holidays, on 2 April, in the events that were rained out in February. We wish our team well.



Cross-country practices start on the first day of the second term. Practices will be from Mondays to Thursdays, 14:00 to 15:00. Please follow the link if you would like to join the Cross-Country WhatsApp group, where we share important information:



18 March: 07:00 – 15:00
19 – 30 March: Closed
31 March & 1 April: 08:00 – 16:00
4 April: 08:00 – 17:00
From 5 April: 07:00 – 17:00



The Parent Afternoon will take place on Wednesday, 13 April. We are pleased to inform you that these meetings will take place in person, as done in the past, in the respective teachers’ classrooms or offices. Appointments must please be made on the Parent Portal. No e-mails will be accepted. The Parent Portal will be open from 8 April at 14:00 until 13 April at 12:00. Therefore, no appointments can be made later than 12:00 on Wednesday, 13 April.
Sign on to the Parent Portal using your “Parent ID” (code starting with the value 3) and password.
Click on the “Student tab”.
Click on the learner’s photo.
Click on the “Parent/Teacher Appointments”.
Select a teacher.
Click on a timeslot.

You will then receive an e-mail confirming your appointment.

Parent Portal


Secure a future for your child by using the correct study methods. This course will be presented for Grade 4 – 7 English-speaking learners. For more information, click on the link below.

Study Method Course


We are proud to announce that our annual Cultural Festival will soon be in full swing.

This year the theme is “Unlock”. Many of the sections require this theme to be depicted, so please ensure that you are aware of the requirements of each section.

Mass participation is a priority and we encourage each learner to participate in at least one item.

Entry fees will only be paid for Crafts, Flavour Festival, Flavour Festival – Masterclass and Leading Ladies.

Each learner will receive a certificate. The judges’ decision is final. Please guide your child in the selection and practising of items. You are welcome to coach your child.

Please note: The staff are only in charge of various sections but are not responsible for coaching the learners. Please ensure that your child is well prepared as an unrehearsed item may embarrass children.

Marks are awarded for participation. These participation marks, as well as the symbols achieved during their performance, are combined and calculated to determine the best overall cultural learners. The winners will be announced at an assembly.

Please note the restrictions involved in the different sections and bear in mind that some of these items will take place on the same day.

No late entries will be accepted. The closing date for entries is 18 March 2022.

All learners from our school may participate in and attend the festival as spectators during the afternoon. However, no learners from other schools are allowed to participate in our Cultural Festival.

The Parent Portal must be used to enter.
Please follow the link below to the Parent Portal and click on the Students’ tab.
Click on the learner’s photo and select the “Cultural Festival Entries” tab.
For more information about an item, click on the particular activity.
Indicate your selection by clicking on the square.
Once you have made all your selections, click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right of the screen.
The items/activities will appear at the bottom of the screen and you have enrolled/entered successfully

Parent Portal


Parents are requested to please submit Grade 1 applications for 2023 before the end of April 2022. Please note that the school has switched to an online application system. No hard copy or email applications, please.

Follow the link to Admissions.

For any enquiries, please contact Corrie Burger (at or 012 940 9122).



Grade 8 admissions for 2023 will be open until Friday, 29 April 2022. If you would like your child to attend Midstream College, kindly note that you have to complete the application form online.

Please consult the Midstream College website for the relevant guidelines and online form.

For any admission enquiries, contact Ms Carine Cronje. (



Visit us at Tuck In for a large selection of tasty lunchbox options. Foundation Phase will receive their lunchbox orders at their classrooms!

Tuck In


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