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Language is necessary for thinking and communication. English and Afrikaans are our two official languages. All learners from Grade 4-7 are required to do English Home Language as well as Afrikaans Home Language or Afrikaans First Additional Language.

Languages are continually assesssed in the following areas:

  • – Listening
  • – Speaking
  • – Reading and visual literacy
  • – Creative writing
  • – Thinking and reasoning
  • – Language structure and usage.


Mathematics is presented uniquely at Midstream College Primary School. Learners are divided into homogeneous classes (same ability and work ethic) in the Intersen phase. Foundation blocks in basic mathematics skills are emphasised, however, learners are also required to develop the ability to solve mathematical problems.


The goals of Science are that each learner:

  • – Must acquire a certain amount of knowledge relating to the natural world which falls within the learner’s field of understanding and experience.
  • – Master and use the appropriate vocabulary and terminology with regard to this knowledge.
  • – Develop the ability to observe objectively and resolve problems according to a scientific procedure and thinking.
  • – Must become aware of science as an aspect of his culture and the role and implications of the Natural Sciences on the way of living and survival of humans.
  • – Become aware of the magnitude of Creation through exposure to its wonder and lawfulness, thereby developing respect and appreciation for the Creator.

    In Geography, we aim to create a love of nature and make learners aware of the importance of nature to humankind. We study the impact of people and infrastructure on the Earth and how change is needed to ensure that we can use the resources available to us without abusing them. Natural disasters are discussed and we study the use of new technology to predict and even prevent natural disasters.


    History aims to equip learners, irrespective of their socio-economic background, race, gender, physical ability or intellectual ability, with the knowledge, skills and values necessary for self-fulfillment, and meaningful participation in society as citizens of a free country. History is the study of change and development in society over time. The study of History enables people to understand and evaluate how past human action has an impact on the present and how it influences the future.


    Midstream College Primary School is Christian based and religious education lessons and assemblies are compulsory. The Christian message will be conveyed to our learners and we aim to instil and/or develop a social conscience in all our learners.


    In every area of the curriculum, learners are encouraged to express their experiences and feelings through creativity. Creativity comes alive in expressive art but creative writing is also encouraged and together with music, technology and design, it forms an integral part of creativity.