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Principal’s Message

Hester Hill Principal

Midstream College faces the future purposefully with a Christian foundation as our point of departure, and a firmly principled vision for the future. We strive to develop each learner to their full potential and to provide them with the necessary skills needed in our modern world.

Although academic achievements and the mastery of skills are important, the development of the character of every learner at Midstream College is equally important. In addition, the nurturing and strengthening of core values such as respect, loyalty, friendliness, reliability, honesty and fairness contribute to the development of each child’s character.

We realise that we are entrusted with your most precious possession and therefore we strive to be the best teachers possible, in loco parentis, by giving our best.

Our skilled and dedicated staff, who are passionate about this profession, add value and make a difference to the lives of every learner on a daily basis. Our excellent school is the result of teamwork between learners, parents and teachers.

Everybody received talents and gifts from God, and therefore it is important to us to teach each learner to trust in God, to believe in themselves, and to be proud of who they are and of our school.